Wasted! / It's Our Pleasure

Wasted! / It's Our Pleasure

Held at The Canvas Cafe on the 8/9 December 2016,
our first events were photographed by Teresa Hayhurst.
The comments are from our first ever guests.



Assortment of artisan breads

Mushroom & Rosemary Soup or
Vietnamese Summer Rolls with peanut dipping sauce
Fennel, red pepper & chickpea curry with pilaff rice or
Marinaded roast chicken on ratatouille with saute potatoes

Spice cake with very-berry fruit salad topped with
yoghurt and cookie crumbs

It's Our Pleasure

Assortment of artisan breads

Roast tomato soup with garlic croutons or
Soy chicken skewers with Thai chilli dressing and radish salad

Pot Roast beef brisket with vegetable broth, on olive oil mash with sweet & sour red cabbage or
Red pepper frittata with tomato coulis and baby spinach salad

Apple crumble with custard or
Stilton & Camembert


Thanks for such a lovely night on Thursday! It was such a warm and heartfelt evening we felt so lucky to be there!


Very good talking, good party, very good food, good service, good decoration, very nice Friday night, very happy.
The HMC table had a beautiful time, something that would have been an impossibility if money had been necessary - as I think C and O mentioned - they hadn't been out for years. 
From looking at the photos and hearing what our members had to say about Mike’s Table, it seems like the dinner went really well. Everyone that went from here had a great time and said the food was delicious.