BBQ Night!

A wonderful evening of chat, laughter and BBQ Style food.  The second night of a pair - the first night being 'Itinerary' at the LSE in earlier in June. 


Olive Bread and BBQ flavoured crisps

Roast mini peppers, houmous and a chickpea, asparagus, red pesto and Goat's Cheese salad served with warm sourdough
and Iberico Ham (optional)

A choice of: 
Classic Beefburger, Sausage, leek & fennel burger or Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi, all served on a toasted Brioche Bun with red onion relish, tomato and baby spinach with a mini jacket potato
Plus Peri Peri Chicken and spicy  Merguez sausages (Halal)    

Water melon Slices

BBQ Night 



What a lovely evening . You are so good at creating a warm , relaxed atmosphere.  It was heartwarming. The fact that 'A' is happy to take three buses from Croydon , and 'B' three buses from Bellingham shows you what a fab event you have created.  Well done - you should be very proud.        Support worker who came with Notre Dame Refugee Centre service users. 

I could eat this food every day because it's delicious but more importantly it is made with love.     Client, Prisoners Abroad  


From the Team:

A good night and a lovely atmosphere both in the kitchen and the dining room.        Andi, Head Chef

Really enjoyed working with the guys yesterday.  Very proud of what you have achieved.  Let Andi know that another crack about Man U FC and the bromance is over !!!             Simon, Kitchen - who drove down from Manchester to help collect food and work in the kitchen

It was a brilliant night, made me so happy to see all the chatter and such big smiles.  Thank you for a wonderful evening, I'm in awe of what you've created.              Jane, Front of House

Thanks for asking me to help at Mike's Table.  It was a lovely evening and it makes me thankful for what a privileged life I have.               Eve, Kitchen

Friday night was a real joy to do!     Daniel, Chef


Chefs: Andi & Daniel
Sous Chefs: Eve & Simon
Front of House: Louise, Zaidee, Mike, Pilar, Hong, Steve & Jane

Food Collection: Simon & Louise

Photographer: Lee Simmons