The dinner table is a powerful thing. Sitting together to eat, talk, play cards or sing can have such a positive effect. I believe it can make children and adults feel safe, secure, loved and listened to. It did for me.


It seems like most of my childhood was spent around a table. Chats over mugs of tea in the kitchen with my mum and brother after school; the evening meal, or 'tea' as we called it, at the big table in the living room, always served with a pot of tea and a plate of bread and butter; Sunday lunches at Grandma and Grandpa's, ten of us around the pull-out table in the back room of their terraced house, my Grandma perched on the sink due to lack of space. All of this helped us deal with the familiar problems of divorce, money issues, and fall-outs.

My part-time jobs have always been in restaurants. I love the backstage feel of service, the buzz on the restaurant floor and and seeing guests relax and enjoy themselves around a table. Mostly I love the staff meal with its camaraderie and banter. Now my friends from this time are working with me at Mike's Table.  

Mike is my husband who sadly died in June 2015. We were together for 25 happy years. Eating and drinking  were a big part of our happiness. He was a superb cook. The table in our kitchen was, and still is, the heart of our home and sitting at it always makes me think of him.  

I believe the table can heal and mend and strengthen. It provides time out of a busy or difficult life, allowing us to share food, conversation or silence. I am lucky to have enjoyed this throughout my life and I want others to enjoy it with me. Join us at Mike's Table: whoever you are, you are welcome.